Ricardo Smith-Hoffman

Producer, Director, Editor, Political Consultant

Ricardo understands the ever-changing face of modern graphic technology. “I have seen enough change in technology to know if one said, ‘I know it all,’ you are limited in your perspective.” Things move to fast and the best you can do, is know the people who are good in certain areas. I directed/edited a 13 part video story, and before I finished the video some of the criteria had changed.

His earlier career as a political consultant was a field coordinator and strategist for successful Gubernatorial and Congressional campaigns, both Republicans and Democrats. Designed ads for NBC corporate promotions and packaging for Mezzina/Brown. As creative director for the March of Dimes NYC, was in charge of all direct response materials. At Saatchi & Saatchi work on campaigns for General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, and PaineWebber. Now at AVdrive produces videos.

I went to an orchard to pick apples. They were beautiful apples, and I had big plans for them. Later I went to the refrigerator and found that every apple had a tiny bite taken out of it. I realized (from the small bites) that my son was responsible. When he came home I asked him why. He said, “Because I needed to find out which was the best one.”
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